Lakeside Community Church History

Lakeside Community Church meets in the Civic Centre in the heart of Perton next to a beautiful lake. The church has been here for over 30 years and recently changed name to emphasise our heart for the community around us.


Do join us on Sunday morning in the Civic Centre, Church Road, Perton from 10.30am – 12.00 noon.

Please search our site to find out about our church and its activities, and to help you reflect on some important life values.

Please contact us at:


Clive Explains The Trinity

I bet you never knew doughnuts were so core to christian teaching…

Easter Cookies

The children make Easter Cookies as a way of learning about what happened at Easter. If you want to have a go at making your own Easter Cookies, you can follow the recipe.

Download the Easter Story Cookies Recipe


A short video thought about faith…


Tommy and the Lord’s Prayer

Tommy was saying the Lord’s Prayer when he was interrupted…

Tommy and the Lord’s Prayer